Pasta has been a favourite food since time immemorial, and its popularity continues to grow around the world.

What makes durum wheat pasta so special? The ingredients and the quality of the processing techniques used to create one of the most satisfying foods in the world.

Durum wheat semolina of the finest quality and water are used to ensure that our pasta has a high protein content and keeps its texture when cooked.

Italian Pasta (and bronze die extrusion)


Triticum Durum is the Latin name for durum wheat semolina, an excellent source of protein and carotenoids. Good quality durum wheat semolina makes pasta easy to digest, and gives it a light yellow colour and a delicate aroma and flavour, even without a sauce.

The quality of these two simple ingredients is enhanced by bronze die extrusion. This traditional method dates back to ancient times and Pastificio Rey has maintained it to guarantee the highest level of quality and superb taste.

This intriguing method produces pasta with a rough surface that absorbs and holds sauces to give an authentic and satisfying taste, every time.


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